As an outsider, it is seldom that one is able to fully understand or fathom the profound bond that is established between chaplain and patient, especially when it occurs at a defining moment in the latter’s life. In offering religious guidance, a listening ear, and companionship during what often proves to be one of the most challenging times in an individual’s life, a deep intimacy defines the connection shared amongst the two. With “No More-The Chaplain Prayed,” Abby Brilhante provides something tangible in which we all may experience and take part in, her offering to the world inspired by a life-changing encounter with Pacific Health Ministry Chaplain Grace Lee. As she explains, “Chaplain Lee changed my life internally, aiming straight to the heart. When I spoke to her, it was so easy, and she had this gift of listening. We immediately bonded over our love of music.”

In recounting how the song came about, Brilhante remembers her particularly difficult bout in the hospital due to a heart attack. Hospitalized on Valentine’s Day of 2021, she would spend a total of five days at Straub Medical Center, also recovering from surgery. Amidst being probed and prodded, she struggled with coming to terms with her health status and was initially skeptical when approached about speaking with Chaplain Lee. Describing herself as a private person, the idea of laying herself emotionally bare was intimidating. However, as she notes, there was a force driving the two of them together in the name of divine intervention.

Certain seasons foster specific lessons. The trials, tribulations, and trauma of yesterday often transform themselves into immeasurably valuable insight upon reaching the other side of the storm. Abby’s season cultivated a renewed vigor for life and ignited a path toward healing. The bond she and Chaplain Lee shared over music solidified when Lee sang “Amazing Grace.” The angelic tone of her voice brought Brilhante to tears. This moment etched in Abby’s mind for its power to make her sob uncontrollably–in a good way, of course.

She would find herself inspired to put pen to paper, promising Lee that she would compose a song to commemorate all the chaplain had done for her. Her life was finally coming full circle, a time distinguished by a personal epiphany: “God was telling me to get with the program. It was time for action. In my 57 years of life, I never completed a song.” Having written bits and pieces while in the hospital, on March 4th, she accomplished what once felt like an impossible feat. Incorporating parts of her conversation with Lee into the mix, it was vital that she maintained a level of authenticity and truth, the song serving as an anthem for anyone who has ever struggled.

There was a clear crossroads for Abby, a calling that she characterizes as greater than herself was waiting to be answered: “I hope to reach at least one person with this song. God used Chaplain Lee as an instrument for me, and I hope to be that for someone else. Music is a way to usher in God, to prepare the heart for worship. This song is not about me, about fame, about money. It is about this universal message–it is never too late to start over.”

(A pictured copy of the song lyrics Chaplain Lee signed)

From tubes and meds they gave me,
Now I know why,
I can finally fly!
The Chaplain Prayed
The Chaplain Prayed
The Chaplain said, you don’t have to be here no more! 


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