Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Level 1/Level 2

General Requirements for all CPE levels:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • One or more years of theological or religious training (preferred)
  • Aptitude for caregiving and cross-cultural ministry
  • High school diploma and two years of university education
  • Admission interview by Pacific Health Ministry

Clinical Pastoral Education

Program Information

This full-time education program is 52 weeks, usually beginning in late August. The CPE Residency program is on the island of Oahu. Our residency program includes a stipend package that includes a bi-monthly stipend payment, health and dental insurance, a transportation pass, tuition assistance, and holiday and vacation benefits. For additional information, please contact

The next CPE Residency course is scheduled for late August/early September 2024  – end of August 2025. The application period for the CPE Residency Program 2024 – 2025 is open to US Residents. The number of educational slots for the upcoming Residency program is limited. Application deadline is January 31st.

Pacific Health Ministry is now accepting a limited number of International CPE Resident Applications. Please view Visa eligibility and requirements on website. Additional information may be available through the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program.  Currently ACPE sponsors students on the J-1 Visa in the Trainee category.

The non-refundable Application fee of $50.00 should be paid online at this website, with submission of completed CPE application.

General Requirements listed above, PLUS:

  • Support by an appropriate religious group’s judiciary body
  • Prior CPE experience (preferred)
  • Professional ministry experience (preferred)
  • Multi-cultural experience (preferred)

This education program varies from 12 – 26 weeks; schedule varies.

This is a tuition-based program is for one-unit of CPE.

The Extended CPE Program is a part-time program tailored for local ministers in the State of Hawaii and is also tailored as distance learning CPE in the Hawaiian islands.

The non-refundable Application fee of $50.00 should be paid online at this website with the submission of completed CPE application.


General Requirements listed above

This education program is a 11 week full-focused program for one unit of CPE. The Summer Program is a tuition based program on the island of Oahu.

The Summer CPE Program is a program tailored for individuals who need to fulfill one unit of CPE for their educational requirements or ministry-related programs in the US. This program requires full-time focus for the entire duration of the summer.

Participants to the 2024 Summer CPE program (6/3/2024 – 8/16/2024) is limited.

Please apply for the 2024 Summer CPE Program in the Fall of 2023 for US Residents.

International Applicants – We are not accepting international applications for this short-term summer program. The CPE center does not have any visas to support this program at this time.

The non-refundable Application fee of $50.00 should be paid online at this website with submission of completed CPE application.

General requirements listed above

The Certified Educator CPE Program is a specialized program for those demonstrating strong spiritual care abilities and the aptitude to become a clinical pastoral educator (to supervise CPE programs). Openings for this program are limited and is not offered annually like other CPE Programs.

Persons interested in this program should contact the CPE Department via e-mail to see if education offerings are available for this program before applying to the CPE center.


  • College graduation
  • Master of Divinity (graduate theological degree) or its equivalent (consideration may be given to alternative processes to becoming professionally qualified)
  • Ordination or commissioning to function as a spiritual care provider by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Endorsement/statement of accountability from an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Successful completion of at least four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (Level I and II)
  • Demonstration of spiritual care and conceptual competence as evidenced by the attainment/completion of Level I/Level II Outcomes
  • Evaluation of the competencies for admission to a Certified Educator Program
  • Aptitude for cross-cultural ministry and professional adult education
  • Professional Ministry experience
  • Completion of CEC application to Accredited Center & Copy to ACPE national office, including all CPE unit evaluations (final evaluations and student self evaluations) with CEC application and payment of applicable application fees to ACPE & CPE Center.
  • Interview with the Local Center’s Certified Educator(s) and Admissions Committee

Application Information & Process

We have a continuous admissions process and accept students for all CPE programs throughout the year.  We encourage early application!  Due to the CPE Center’s setting, we receive a large number of applications. Your application will be considered once ALL application materials and the application fee are received.  US Applicants for the Residency CPE program should apply at least six to twelve months in advance.  Applicants for the Summer CPE Program should apply early in the fall thru early winter before the summer they want to train.

Pacific Health Ministry does not discriminate against persons because of race, ethnicity, religious/spiritual tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability.


  • APPLICATION FORM: Complete the CPE Application, including your application summary and all essay-style answers, and e-mail or mail with a $50.00 application fee (non-refundable) to Pacific Health Ministry.
  • ACPE CONSENT FORM: Complete the Use of Clinical Materials Consent Form and email with your application.
  • APPLICATION ATTACHMENTS: All previous CPE evaluations must be included in the application. If you are currently completing a unit of CPE and have not received your evaluation, please request a mid-unit evaluation summary from your respective Certified Educator.  If you have not had a previous unit of CPE, please attach your admissions interview summary completed by a ACPE Certified Educator or qualified admissions interviewer who is knowledgeable in ACPE standard and guidelines.
  • REFERENCES: Reference forms will be e-mailed to three persons listed as references on your CPE application form. Please provide full contact information for your academic and professional references.
  • APPLICATION FEE: Application fees may be paid online at or by check or money order payable to “Pacific Health Ministry” mailed to the address listed below. Application fees must be paid with submission of CPE application.
  • ACKNOWLEDGMENT: An acknowledgement will be sent when we receive your completed application. Should additional information be required, you will be contacted for specific materials. If you receive no response after fifteen business days, please contact the education department by email or phone to check on your application status. Applications periods for various programs may overlap. If there are high volume of application submissions, then the Admissions Committee will first review applications with programs that have a closer scheduled start date.
  • INTERVIEW: The Admissions Committee evaluates CPE applications, arranges interviews and makes final student selections. CPE Applicants are not required to travel to Oahu for in-person interviews. Persons are selected to create a diverse training group. You will be notified by electronic letter after the final decision regarding your application has been made.
  • DEADLINES: Check the website for CPE program application deadlines. CPE Applications submitted after program application deadlines may be placed or considered for the current CPE program year’s wait list, but will not be held or carried over into the next program year. All application submissions must be current for the upcoming program year.
  • MAILING ADDRESSPacific Health Ministry, Attn: CPE Department – CPE Program Applications, 1245 Young Street, Suite 204, Honolulu HI 96814. Submissions via e-mail to:


International applicants:


International applicants may apply to the CPE Residency Program if they meet eligibility requirements. Please consult the education department first to see if you meet the eligibility requirements before submitting your CPE application. Current visa holders residing in the US cannot change or extend their US visa status while in the US for this program.

There is a lengthy visa application process for international applicants who are accepted to the CPE Program. There are limited slots for this program.

One-unit CPE Programs (such as Summer or Extended) do not fall into this eligible category. There are no available visas for short-term CPE Programs at this time. Please do not apply to one-unit programs if you need a US visa.

If eligible, international applicants should apply as early as a year in advance.

  • ACPE Application, Summary, and related application materials to be completed and submitted.
  • A copy of current and valid passport should be attached with the application materials. Passports must be valid for the educational period that the international applicant is applying for. Copies of expired passports will not be accepted.
  • Application fees must be paid upon submission of CPE application. The $50.00 non-refundable application fee may be paid online at . The application fee is in US Dollars.
  • The deadline for eligible applicants is October 31st of each year. Incomplete application submissions after October 31st will not be considered.
  • Past submissions of CPE Applications will not be held or transferred for future CPE programs. Eligibility and requirements may change and may be updated for each specified year.
  • International applicants selected for interviews will need to have access to technology that allows them to complete a phone or video conference interview.
  • Eligible international applicants will be interviewed no later than December 31st by the Admissions Committee.

CPE application submissions may be made via e-mail to

Clinical Pastoral Education at Pacific Health Ministry is Accredited by:

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