Why CPE? Hear from our alums about the lifechanging experiences they had taking part in our CPE programs.

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program at Pacific Health Ministry gives strong emphasis to direct clinical practice in order to enhance spiritual care skills and provide opportunities to experience people from different backgrounds. As in all CPE Programs, learning happens in a small group seminar setting that includes review of pastoral practice, group dynamics, didactic presentations and experiential events with Hawaii institutions and community organizations. The ACPE Certified Educators place a strong emphasis on developing individualized learning programs to fit specific needs in order to craft a training program that will prepare students for ministry service following their CPE experience.

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Types of Programs

Our programs are designed for those in theological school needing to meet ordination requirements or wanting to explore institutional ministry. Clergy desiring greater exposure to spiritual care ministry will also benefit from our programs. Students learn ministry formation, pastoral visitation, crisis counseling, institutional ministry practice, and the ability to provide service to diverse people culturally and religiously.

We recently added an Extended CPE unit for Jan 2024 to July 2024 to be hosted at Maui Memorial Medical Center.  Click here for more details.

Eligibility and Application

Residency CPE

Full-time (4 CPE units), Approx. 52 weeks,
Begins in September

This program is designed for individuals who may have a previous unit of CPE and would like to commit to a full-focused year of institutional ministry. Residency CPE is one of our longest and most comprehensive programs.

Summer CPE

Full-time (1 CPE unit), Approx. 13 weeks,

This program is for persons in seminary preparing for ministry and person meeting ordination requirements. It is also for persons exploring the institutional ministry or desires greater exposure to crisis ministry. The program teaches ministry formation, pastoral visitation, crisis counseling and institutional ministry practices.

Extended CPE*

Part-time (1 CPE unit), Approx. 26 weeks,
Schedule varies

This program is for community ministers or person active in ministry who desire a continuing education experience. The focus will be on the practice of ministry. Clinical experience comes from both the daily work of the Minister and institutional chaplain work of PHM.

Certified Educator CPE*

Full-time, Duration varies,
Schedule varies

This program is for persons who have demonstrated clinical ministry skills and show potential to be a ministry educator. Person must be accepted into this program separate from other programs. Persons in this program learn  the art and skill of clinical ministry.

*Not all types of programs are available every year.

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