Photo from 2000 with Mimi Harris, Director of Patient Care Consulting Services at The Queen’s Medical Center and longtime Pacific Health Ministry Board Member with Chaplain Aldean “Al” Miles in front of the Peace Tree

In the late 1990’s (the exact timeframe is unknown) a Public Relations Specialist working at The Queen’s Medical Center, Carol Stevens, and Pacific Health Ministry’s Lead Chaplain, The Rev. Al Miles, scheduled an appointment with the then President and CEO of Queen’s, Mr. Art Ushijima. They requested that space be allotted on campus to recognize the life and legacy of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Art immediately consented and provided the funding from his department to have planted an Australian Callistemon scrub, commonly referred to as a “Bottlebrush” tree. At the base of the now 30-foot tree a plaque reads, In tribune to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968.

Since it’s planting, the Peace Tree has been the gathering site each year in January on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for a 30-minute ceremony that is attended by dozens of Pacific Health Ministry’s and Queen’s staff, and by patients and their loved ones. The focus of this event is always on encouraging attendees to choose actions and behaviors that will offer the greatest opportunities for equality, health, hope, love, peace, and safety for all humankind.