When a family member or friend is hospitalized amidst the COVID-19 crisis, often fears and concerns completely overwhelm loved ones. In addition to worrying about their physical health and wellbeing, the loved ones may also find themselves faced with growing concerns over when, or if, they can make a visit. Unfortunately, personal visits to hospitalized friends or family members are nearly impossible during this pandemic. However, Pacific Health Ministry’s Chaplains can help the public connect with their hospitalized loved ones.

At Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center, PHM Chaplain Leavitt Thomas is working with fellow healthcare professionals during this difficult time of visitor restrictions to support patients and their families. In one such instance, Chaplain Leavitt coordinated with a patient’s nurse to allow him to speak with their family members over the phone to say their goodbyes. The family was very grateful for this opportunity, especially since they couldn’t be there in person.

At Straub Medical Center, PHM Chaplain Steven Stitely helped connect a patient with her childhood friend. He positioned a phone next to the patient, which allowed the friend to speak and pray with her. The patient died later that evening. Those final words were so important for both the patient and the childhood friend.

At Pali Momi Medical Center, PHM Chaplain Lena Keanu-Reichel is utilizing new technology called Doxy.me to encourage connections between hospitalized patients and their loved ones. Doxy.me is a HIPPA-compliant video conferencing tool. It is user-friendly and benefits both patients and their loved ones. All that a patient needs to utilize Doxy.me is data or Wifi, along with a camera and microphone capabilities. As a result, Chaplain Lena has witnessed panic shift to calm in both patients and their loved ones. Chaplains are trained to know when to hold silence and when to interject or help someone hear a word they might have missed. Connection is essential, and Chaplains are able to function as a sacred vessel of connectedness.

If you are concerned about not being able to see your loved one during these difficult times, please reach out to a PHM Chaplain. We can help make the most of your precious time with the people you care about.