“Since I am often the first point of contact for most calls and inquiries, I strive to be a voice of warmth and aloha through each step of the process.”

– Judy Sweet

Judy Sweet, administrative assistant at Pacific Health Ministry (PHM), brings her unwavering commitment and passion for serving the community to her role. Originally from Hawai‘i, Judy spent several decades on the mainland before returning home. Her journey has brought her to PHM, where she has been playing a vital role in the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program for nearly two years.

As an administrative assistant for the CPE program, Judy’s day-to-day responsibilities encompass various tasks that keep the program running smoothly. From being the primary point of contact for inquiries and managing application processes to serving as a liaison between various departments within the organization, Judy’s dedication shines through her ability to navigate multiple responsibilities effortlessly. “Since I am often the first point of contact for most calls and inquiries, I strive to be a voice of warmth and aloha through each step of the process.”

One of Judy’s key responsibilities involves handling the CPE program’s application and reviewing process. She guides potential applicants through the initial stages, providing them with essential information and directing them to PHM’s website for further details. Once applications are submitted, and fees are paid, Judy compiles all necessary documents into comprehensive application packages.

Working closely with the Admissions Team, led by Executive Director and CPE Educator, Rev. Anke Flohr, she ensures that each application is thoroughly reviewed and any additional requirements are promptly addressed. Throughout the process, Judy maintains open lines of communication with applicants, keeping them informed about their application status and providing the necessary support and guidance.

When selecting individuals for the CPE program, Judy defers to the expertise of the CPE educators and the Admissions Team. Their collective knowledge and experience in chaplaincy enable them to make informed decisions based on the applicants’ qualifications and compatibility with the program.

When asked about why she supports PHM, Judy shared, “When you think of hospital chaplains what comes to mind may be mostly comforting patients and their families. However, what these trained chaplains do and provide go beyond just patients and families. There are medical staff that need support and frankly, during the pandemic PHM chaplains were called to provide a level of support that was unprecedented. Hawai‘i has such a unique situation because you have so many individual preferences and cultural mores. You need trained professionals that are prepared to provide that kind of support and our chaplains do so. The chaplains and staff of PHM are an example of putting others before themselves time and time again.”

Judy Sweet’s contribution to the CPE program and Pacific Health Ministry exemplifies the organization’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of individuals and communities. Through her attention to detail, compassionate approach, and dedication, Judy plays a vital role in ensuring that PHM continues to provide exceptional care and support to those in need.