This Admin Professionals Day,  we celebrate Pacific Health Ministry’s incredible office and administrative team! Their dedication has been instrumental in continuing to make our mission possible.

Hear from members of our administrative team about what they love about PHM and what inspires them to do this important work for our community.


Rosemary Scavuzzo, Admin Assistant in Human Resources

Rosemary has been a valued member of the PHM ‘ohana for six years. While her day-to-day responsibilities include handling HR and payroll, her true passion lies in the impact PHM’s work has on patients.

A past recipient of a PHM chaplain visit, Rosemary experienced firsthand the power of holistic healing. This ignited her belief in the importance of spiritual support alongside medical care.

The spiritual aspects that are innate in each of us can be awakened and supported when we are faced with health challenges. This support is not only important to the patient but also to family and staff.”


Alita Charron, Program and Development Coordinator

Alita has been a part of the PHM ‘ohana for nearly four years. In her position, she oversees a range of responsibilities including research, proposal writing, report generation, and database management, among others. However, the most fulfilling aspect of her work is her interactions with people.

When first starting at PHM, Alita thought chaplains were the people whose visit meant the worst. However, her perception changed as she came to understand that chaplains are nuanced listeners, space-holders, and hand-holders in times of spiritual distress. Witnessing PHM’s commitment to its mission, Alita has observed the organization’s dedication to providing the highest quality interfaith spiritual care to the people of Hawaiʻi, pastoral training to students around the world, and education for the community.

“Every single donation, whether it’s a few dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars makes a great difference in ensuring that PHM can educate and provide spiritual care to all regardless of faith tradition. Giving to PHM is about giving to people, helping people find meaning, comfort, peace, purpose, connectedness, and the sacred in a critical time of need.”


Judy Sweet, Administrative Assistant

Judy has played a vital role in the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program for three years. In her role as an administrative assistant for the CPE program, she handles a range of day-to-day responsibilities essential for the program’s operation. These duties include serving as the main point of contact for inquiries, overseeing application processes, and acting as a liaison between different departments within the organization.

When asked about what inspires her work and why she thinks people should support PHM, Judy said, “Chaplains are individuals who are loving and caring and who must be ready to pivot on a moment’s notice. By supporting PHM, you are supporting a whole network of the community including patients, families, co-workers, and the professional medical staff.” 


Patricia “Tish” Camero, Special Projects Manager

Tish has been an integral part of the Pacific Health Ministry ‘ohana for two years. Her responsibilities revolve around maintaining the building and its premises to ensure a smoothly functioning environment.

Reflecting on what inspires her about PHM’s work, she shared, “I have served as a client to PHM chaplain services as well as a member of the board of directors, so I have personally witnessed and experienced the critical need and the unparalleled benefits of chaplaincy in the workplace. Each chaplain that served at Pohai Nani, a senior retirement community in Windward Oahu, brought with them not only the gift of spiritual presence, but also their own talents and gifts that engage and enrich the lives of the staff and residents in profound ways.”

PHM not only trains and equips individuals for spiritual work, but it also carefully places them in healthcare or senior retirement settings, providing ongoing support and educational opportunities. She believes that those who have benefited from PHM’s services firsthand or know someone who has, understand the significance and value of the organization’s work and should consider supporting it.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible administrative team whose dedication and hard work make our mission at PHM possible. Mahalo for all that you do!

– Anke (Executive Director) & Micki (Operations Manager)